Engineering Projects

Details and photos of some of our engineering projects are shown below

Cylinder Head Skimming

This car engine  overheated and caused the cylinder head to distort and a head gasket failure. We refaced this  cylinder head at our workshop.

Fabrication of Roller

This steel roller was welded and fabricated. We work quickly for a fast turnaround, sometimes within an hour or two. We can come to you.

Combine Harvester Part Remade

This a critical part brought in this morning by a farmer for his broken down combine harvester. Again turned around and back out the door in 2hrs.

Urgent Driveshaft – 2 hrs

An urgent job came in to remanufacture and replace a driveshaft for a local pharmaceutical company. We did this in a 2 hour turn around. If you need extensive repair work to large rollers or shafts, we have a 3,000mm between centres capacity.

Worn Out Pulley

To replicate a pulley we clean the pulley and take accurate measurements of all dimensions of the bore and keyway and brooch We draw a map, then use our 3 axis CNC machine to reproduce the part.

Steel Profile Replicated

This is a typical job we get where we collect a mechanical part and need to replicate it to create a new version. The lower place is the original rusty plate which was copied to produce the other steel plates.

CNC Turned Rollers

Manufacture and assemble complete rotating assemblies to customers requirements using our CNC and manual machines. Our workshop is fully equipped with Two CNC 3 axis bed mills, CNC lathes , with turning capacity of up to 3000mm between centres.

Carburettor Repair

This Carburettor was cleaned and welded to repair the damaged parts. We specialise in the repair of worn or broken components, typically from electric motors, geared units and pumps.

How can we work together?

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