Engineering Services

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Whether you need an emergency repair for your equipment or a part made from scratch, at Ludlow Engineering we can help.

We offer both manual machining services and CNC machining services and will choose the best option for your repair or replacement part.Perhaps you have a broken driveshaft on a piece of mechanical equipment, or a worn bearing journal that needs repairing.If you need extensive repair work to large rollers or shafts, we have a 3,000mm between centres capacity.

If you need a one off item or small batch production of machine components, we have it covered with one of four CNC machine tools.

Using only quality materials, ferrous or non-ferrous or plastic, we’ll expertly create a part or fashion a repair to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Test certificates can be supplied with materials if required. We can also carry out cylinder head and manifold skimming.

Our workshop is fully equipped with:

  • Two CNC 3 axis bed mills, that can take up to 600 kilos bed capacity
  • CNC universal mill
  • CNC lathe, with turning capacity of up to 1,200mm between centres
  • Manual lathe with turning capacity of up to 3000mm between centres
  • Two manual lathes with turning capacity of up to 1000mm between centres
  • 30 ton hydraulic press

To talk to us about manual machining or CNC machining, please get in touch.

Reverse engineering

If you have equipment that needs repairing, our team can expertly reverse engineer the part to make it as good as new.

Repairing Obsolete Parts

Our reverse engineering service can be a speedier and more cost-effective option than buying or making a completely new part. In some cases with obsolete parts the only option may be to repair. This often includes welding the part to build up the broken or worn area with weld and machining it back to the original dimensions.

We specialise in the repair of worn or broken components, typically from electric motors, geared units and pumps.

For example, we can:

  • repair broken rotors/driveshafts
  • repair worn bearing housings
  • repair worn bearing journals
  • manufacture obsolete parts for automotive dealers

We can also analyse the cause of any damage, which will help you avoid further breakdowns and minimise disruption to your business.

Whether you need a part reengineered for a repair, or a new part made to extend the life of your mechanical equipment, we can help. Please get in touch.

Welding and fabrication

If you have a part that’s been broken or damaged, we can weld it and machine it, in most cases making it as good as new.

We can carry out mild steel and stainless steel mig and arc welding, using the process best suited to your requirements.

Much of our welding is carried out alongside our machining, but we also offer welding as a standalone service.

We also offer fabrication, assembling and welding items to your specification and design.

We can carry out onsite welding repairs, to get you up and running as soon as possible and avoid lengthy disruption and downtime. We’ve welded everything from cracked digger buckets to a broken Ferrari carburettor.

To talk to us about your welding and fabrication requirements, please get in touch.

Cylinder Head Skimming

We have the facilities to reface cylinder heads at our workshop.

A car engine can overheat and this heat may cause the cylinder head to distort or become bowed so the head gasket will fail.

We will skim the head to bring it back to a level surface and correct tolerance to give a tight seal.

If your repair is an emergency, we will make this work a priority. We work to exceptionally high standards and often complete work out of hours – even working through the night on occasion.

To talk to us about cylinder head skimming, please get in touch.

On-site maintenance, service and repair

Do you need an on-site repair to your manufacturing equipment? Are you looking for engineers who can help maintain and service your machinery?At Ludlow Engineering, we offer an onsite mechanical maintenance, service and repair service which complements the work we carry out at our Swindon premises.

On-site we can:

  • remove broken or seized bolts and studs
  • repair threads and components
  • weld parts
  • maintain and carry out repairs to air handling units, motors, gearboxes, pumps and other equipment.

If your repair is an emergency, we will complete the work on site where possible, or take parts back to our workshop for machining, repair or replacement. We work to exceptionally high standards and often complete work out of hours – even working through the night – to help get you up and running.

To talk to us about onsite engineering repairs, maintenance or service, please get in touch.